Say What Now ?

For those who are not familiar with the legend, Sebastianism is the belief that King Sebastian, a 16th-century Portuguese king who disappeared in a battle in Morocco, will return to Portugal to save his people from their woes. According to the legend, King Sebastian will return on a foggy morning, accompanied by all the warriors who died in the battle, and lead Portugal to glory.

Startups How ?

While Sebastianism is a legend in Portuguese folklore, it has also found its way into the startup scene. In the world of startups, Sebastianism refers to type of thinking where founders believe that one brilliant FAANG engineer or one charismatic VP of sales is all that is needed to save a struggling product or company.

So What Now ?

Startups are hard – 99.8% of all tech startups fail, being above average or even good is a guaranteed way to fail. You need to be exceptional at what you do. Some of the problems around products, sales or product market fit are extremely hard and there is no easy solution or formula to success. The one thing that you can surely count on not happening is the magical Sebastian turning up to fix these problems for you.

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