Passing variables between pages with PHP

Since HTTP is stateless, webpages are disconnected and this implies that Page A won’t be aware of the existence of Page B or any data thereof. However, Page A can still access the variables from Page B scripts using the methods discussed here.

Stanley Miller’s Experiment

If I told you its possible, that the alphabets formed by tracing the path of a bee in flight, is exactly the same as the text found in a book, say Moby Dick, how absurd does that sound ? Taking it a step further, if I say its possible for the bee to completely by random chance write Moby Dick in a span of one hour, would you not doubt my sanity ?

The Anthropic Principle

The extreme improbability that so many anthropic factors would align so auspiciously in our favor merely by chance has led many scientists and evolutionists to agree, that it was God who engineered the universe to suit our specific needs.

Sequence Hypothesis

Which Came First ? DNA or Proteins? It takes proteins to construct DNA. It takes DNA to make proteins. Even a simple study can show you both proteins and DNA are just too complex and specific to happen by chance.

Newspaper Exegesis

We live in a time when the mainstream media is in the hands of a select few, these people take great pleasure in shaping public opinion. They care little about informing the public compared to how much they want to control public opinion. You don’t have to be a genius or a conspiracy theorist to figure this out.