9th of Av

9th of Av

The Jews believe this day was set aside by God for suffering as per this site. Here are a list of events that happened on that day. Quite shocking actually

  1. The spies come back with the Nephilim report and the Jews panic, they cry out to God to go back to Egypt
  2. Both the first and the second temples were destroyed on the same day !
  3. The Bar Kochba revolt was brutally crushed and many Jews were butchered
  4. The Temple Mount was plowed over
  5. They were expelled from England in 1290 AD
  6. The Golden age of Spain came to an end and Jews were expelled by Ferdinand and Isabella on this date when the Edict of Expulsion came to force
  7. Germany declared war on Russia and that started the World War on the 9th of Av

Combine this with the fact that to a Jewish mind, prophesy is pattern and co incidence is not a kosher word and you have a grim picture for the month of Av.

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