Gitting the commit message right

It’s not uncommon for a developer to discover that a certain commit message is off the mark and needs revision. Like with most things in Git, this can be achieved in more than one way. Using `git commit –amend` The command fires up a message editor with the previous commit’s message as the starting point, instead of an empty one. With the –amend option, the new commit replaces the tip of the current branch. Care should be taken, since all staged contents will be committed after running this command. If a simple message edit is all one has in mind, the index should be empty. However, the working directory might have changes and they will not be affected. # fires up message editor git commit –amend # pass message on command line git commit –amend -m “New Message” Using git rebase If the commit to be fixed is not the…

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Debugging with PHP

In this article, we look at various ways of debugging PHP scripts, from printing variable values to using sophisticated debuggers.

Parsing JSON with PHP

The function `json_decode()` can be used to convert JSON data to PHP variables. Arrays as well as objects can be converted to their equivalent PHP literals.

Gitting rid of stale branches

Git – Deleting Branches Consider a local branch foo. The corresponding remote-tracking branch origin/foo (origin is the remote repo) tracks the remote branch Foo. The task of deleting branch foo…

9th of Av

The Jews believe this day was set aside by God for suffering as per this site. Here are a list of events that happened on that day. Quite shocking actually

Can you prove the Bible ?

This was one of the first things I challenged in Christianity, is the Bible what they claim it to be ? Is it really the Word of God or is it just a bunch of stories and fables, that a bunch of human writers put together and manipulated over the centuries.

The Trinity in the Old Testament

This subject is critical to understand as it becomes the point of contention between Jews and to a lesser degree Muslims and Christians. While its really easy to do, it takes efforts and practice. Remember at least 5 times in the NT, the disciples showed and convinced pious Jews that Jesus was the Messiah using only the OT texts.

The Darwinian Deception

Its one thing to say a Polar Bear was a variant of its ancestor the Grizzly Bear but quite another to say that a Polar Bear and a Coconut tree came from the same ancestors. This is simply untrue.

Preventing SQL Injection in PHP

This technique of attacking data-driven applications by injection of malicious SQL code is known as SQL Injection. Well-written applications that employ proper checks can easily defend themselves against this type of attacks. Here are some ways in which apps written in PHP can check for SQL Injection attacks.

The Best PHP IDEs out there

It’s hard to ignore the importance of a good IDE when it comes to programming. A good choice can greatly enhance the productivity of any programmer. Remember the choice of an IDE is quite subjective and that there’s no such thing as the perfect choice.